Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Books & Libros

Well, the first day of this semester went well, all of my classes (except the last) ended early, and they all seem that have interesting points. I found out that I am in a farming class (anthro. dept.), which my class will be helping small organic farms in our community. But with 18 hours there many books that shall follow...17 books to be specific (luckily I get to use one book for two classes).  Don't get me wrong, I love reading, but not so much when it is 200 pages that are assigned each night... but at least I will be graduating soon. 

Tonight: I am going to be reading Lucia, Lucia (I am only on page 24 and I love it); and drink a cup of green tea. I better take advantage of the free time I have tonight, before it will be taken over by Anthropology and History books. 


  1. I bought Lucia Lucia on sale when Boarders closed. I will start reading it today. :)

  2. What's it about? Now I'm all curious!

    1. Lucia, Lucia is about a 25 year old Italian girl who is a seamstress for a department store in NYC. I don't feel like that gives it credit though... I am completely addicted to reading it (I actually read it for 30minutes during one class). I love the characters and find myself relating to Lucia a lot! IT IS A MUST READ!!!