Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wishful Thinking

After a long week of work, which went by far too slowly, I have been dreaming of shopping and some me time. Tonight while watching some TV, there were two commercials for H&M on a local channel, only reminding me that we do not have one in New Mexico. I fell in love with this store when I was studying abroad in Spain and miss it more that I could express. Tonight I was browsing their website and could not help but make a wish list for when I go to California in January, here are some of my favorite picks.

There is nothing I love more than bright colorful nail polish, which is always a mood booster no matter what season it is! I love the bright orange and red right in front, so cheerful!

How cute are these simple gloves?? Perfect for chilly walks to the bus stop on days I have class!

Is it possible that they will still have this dress in 3 months when I am California?? It is the perfect combination of color and texture. The lace and long sleeves make it perfect for cold nights! 

I LO-VE cute earrings that play up a simple outfit, which these would compliment one perfectly.

Finally, I saved the best for last! White, lace, sleeves, and a hemline that hits right above the knee? Outstandingly perfect and beautiful!

(The countdown continues until my shopping date, which is much needed. 11 days)

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  1. I love the lace dress! Super cute, super cute blog. x