Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beautiful Reflections

Breath taking tulips on campus
At the end of last month every blogger took time to reflect on the things that happened in 2011. I decided to take my time and I have finally come up with some of the best things that happened last year! 

The year started off slow, and quickly became one of the best! The first few months were the coldest and driest months, but it quickly warmed up with Mr. Ortega's favorite sport of baseball. We went to an outstanding number of Isotope (farm league for the Dodgers) games this year. So many we are debating buying season tickets this year. We also went camping twice, which we are also planning on doing much more this year! Between our two camping trips and minor league baseball we spent a few days in Taos, New Mexico for a little league tournament (Carlos's nephew). The summer quickly ended and before we knew it after dating for two and a half years, Carlos and I moved in together! We ended the year spending time together relaxing, something I don't think we do enough together. 

As for 2012
We have many aspirations, but nothing proclaimed or written in stone. I would like to add style to our home, since it lacks lots of it! Bring my GPA before I graduate this year. I would also like to get a new job where I can have weekends off! Other than that, I am sure there will be baseball, Carlos is already talking about opening day. Also, I am excited to make many more memories with my family, friends, and of course with Carlos. 

Here are a few pictures from 2011.
Go Isotopes!

Hanging out at the duckpond @ UNM (where we met)

Carlos & Mikah in Taos

Isabella & Carlos 

Making s'mores while camping

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