Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red, White, & Blue

I have been very busy lately, between work, school, and trying to enjoy the last bit of warm weather there hasn't been time to just relax. My boyfriend and I just moved in together, it has been an amazing month, I love it! But the downside is the decorating, and the lack of it that is happening! I love white, blue, pink, gray, flowers, and lace. While my boyfriend, loves modern, red, black, and gray. While the one thing we have in common is the color gray (which is the color of our new comforter), everything else seems to be total opposites. How do I combine these make us both happy and make our little rental a home??? I am not too sure at this point. I just bought some inexpensive red rugs and towels from target tonight and love the way they look, BUT the downside is, I wish the kitchen was blue and flowery! There has to be a way to mend both of our styles into a stylish home, that does not look like the American flag!! I am open to all suggestions! 


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