Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blog Reflection

Goole search "pink peonies" and this was the result = ME+SMILE :)

Blogs, I want to think that I follow blogs because of the content, which is true, but then there's this other part of me that doesn't miss a day without checking a blog once if not two times throughout the day. I had to ask myself why? And here is my answer: Their lives seem great, wonderful, happy, and almost perfect. There are weddings that I lust over, engagement rings to die for, houses that I would kill to live in, and the CLOTHES.. omg. It is like I went from watching Laguna Beach and The Hills (yes, I did just admit that) to reading blogs, and imagining my life to reflect those whom I follow everyday. But then, question number two arose, they really cant be THAT happy can they? I mean I am sure they can be, but still everything always seems so put together, and now in my life between school, two jobs, an internship, and well LIFE, I feel anything but put together. 

Just a little reflection. 
Happy Fall.

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