Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday

I think it's a happy Friday anyway... Weekends are always tricky because while the work week has ended for most, mine is just beginning. On my way home from class today I decided to get off the bus early and stop by a local shop I have been wanting to go to since I saw some of their stuff at a farmers market this past fall. The shop is called: The Octopus and The Fox. They had a mix of new and vintage items, and all that was not vintage was local. It can't get any better than that if you ask me. There are now multiple items on my wanted list; a great vintage dress, a cardigan, a few throw pillows, and a shirt for Carlos. I bought a little tote bag for school which has their adorable logo on it, it fits everything without being oversized!  
Do you have any plans for this weekend? Carlos has plans this weekend which means I get to catch up on some reading, bake, and even get ALL the laundry done. Happy Friday everyone!


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