Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Weather

With the last two weeks of school coming to an end, I have been avoiding a total of 30 pages I need to write for multiple classes, and a final exam I need to take tonight for an online class. The past four days it has snowed, and the high as of right now is 15 degrees! Finally it feels like Christmas! I have had my Christmas tree lights on all day as I work on papers, and have had Christmas music playing in my car nonstop. Now, once I finish my exam I plan on wrapping presents to put under the tree. My boyfriend's mom will be sending us biscochitos, and I have been checking the mail box everyday in hopes they will be there. I love how this time of year brings everyone together! What are you guys doing this year for the holidays??


(I forgot to mention, that I hate, hate, hate cold weather...)

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