Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Downtown Books

One of the many shelves of cookbooks.

I have already expressed how much I love going to used book stores in a previous post, but today on my walk home, I made it a point to stop by and check out what new cook books they had. Every time I go there is always something different, and I never know what to expect. I found two books that are in my new favorite trend, France. I don't know that much about France, but I am falling in love with the romantic ideology this country holds. My first few years in college my declared major was Spanish, while it has now changed to Anthropology, I am dreaming of learning French. Now that I think about it why can't college be free, that way I can take a few classes in everything that I find interesting? But I guess that is why they have book stores, or used bookstores to be exact. I will share my books once I have a chance to read them, one being a cookbook and the next being a book on a mans adventures eating through France. 

Keep on reading!
I debated buying this book, purely for the title,
and I will have to admit, I am still considering it!

What a beautiful quote.

I adore personal hand written messages in books.
It adds a little bit of history, personality, and love to the book itself. 

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